Ronald McDonald House ??

<p>Hi all - anyone that applied for this - heard anything? Nothing here yet.</p>

<p>Well I applied and have heard nothing..but I know 2 people who have already been notified and had been invited to an interview (which they had yesterday) either we didn't get it or they are announcing it to people little by little...and they were notified by our school counselor. there was nothing mailed or emailed to them</p>

<p>Oh wow, I see...
Well it said we wouldn't know until 3 months after the deadline!
the deadline was February 16th so that means somewhere mid-May is what I was expecting...
Dang it lol
I hope that local chapters are doing it individually throughout the regions and some have already notified and others haven't hahaha :D</p>

<p>Well I'm from NW Georgia so ppl had to go to Chattanooga, TN for their interview</p>

<p>woww haha
I wasn't even aware there was an interview for this one!</p>

<p>who knows...maybe it's just our chapter that does it...</p>

<p>but yeah, they asked them like 1 or 2 questions about their future and other odd ones likes "describe yourself in 2 words" and "if you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be"</p>

<p>oh dang haha
that's crazy lol
I hateee questions like that hahaha
I really don't know who I would answer on that last one lol</p>

<p>My son received a letter today inviting him to a banquet in two weeks to receive the Ronald McDonald House Charities Scholarship. The letter said that he will join 25 other winners at this hotel banquet to receive the scholarship. Maverick's Mom</p>

<p>oh! ok cool lol
well I never heard anything haha
so I assume I didn't get it :P
oh well haha
but congratulations on the award! That's wonderful!</p>

<p>anyone hear back yet?</p>

<p>I still never did lol
idk if that means it's a no or what hahaha
I'm gonna assume I didn't get this one until I hear something : P</p>

<p>I still never did lol
idk if that means it's a no or what hahaha
I'm gonna assume I didn't get this one until I hear something : P</p>

<p>i just got the letter yesterday saying I got the scholarship!</p>

<p>Hey DillonJay-
I am in texas also, and none of my students have been notified yet. Maybe there is still a chance!!!!!</p>

<p>Awesome!! hahaha That makes me happy that there's still hope lol :D</p>

<p>People here in northwest georgia have already been announced today</p>

<p>Attended the Scholarship Banquet today for 25 scholarship winners in Central Texas. We all won $1,000 and one person won $4,000. Only Central Texas winners were there.</p>

<p>Oh sweet!
well I'm assuming I didn't get anything haha
I never heard lol
I'm north Texas...Idk if that matters hahaha</p>

<p>Hey! I'm in N. Texas area and still haven't heard anything... But I have a feeling I didn't get it, so...</p>

<p>My students and I are in North Texas also. Here's hoping!!!</p>