Roo Camp and General Feelings about Austin College

<p>My son was admitted into Austin College with a 80k scholarship (yay), and therefore, we are highly considering attending Austin College since money is tight.</p>

<p>He received an invite from his admissions rep to attend this “Roo Camp.” What sorts of things happen? Will he be able to stay the night? Can we meet with staff/faculty? Thanks for any insider info.</p>

<p>In addition, how strong of a university is Austin College for pre med? My son really has high hopes for medicine, and he’s a great student. Will Austin College be a good fit for him?</p>

<p>Congratulations on the scholarship.</p>

<p>Do not know much about the Roo camp but I do know that they have a really good pre-med and pre-dental program. People who do tough it out and manage to get thru the pre-med program without dropping out have a high chance of gettin thru to medical schools. From the presentation I attended, about 90 kids pre-med students got accepted into medical school over the past 5 years. It may not sound like a lot but each freshman class has only 320-340 students and not everybody who intend to do pre-med from among those continue on. Loved the campus and the feel of the college but unfortunately, I will not be attending here.</p>

<p>Though I have the same scholarship, I got really good scholarships from a few other schools and we, my parents and I, ruled out Austin College.</p>


<p>I will be attending but not stay overnight since i live about thirty miles away.</p>

<p>My sister is a graduate from Austin College and is now in Med School, the path I wish to follow.</p>

<p>During Roo Camp, Students & Parents get to meet some of the faculty and tour the campus while both the student and parent[s] get a view at college life at "AC"</p>

<p>Ill try to post the url for the itinerary for the Camp</p>

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<p>Here it is :)</p>