Room and board

<p>Is meal plan a part of room and board expenses or is it separate? What is the meaning of "room and board" actually?</p>

<p>Depends on the school. At my daughters school the meal plan is a seperate charge to the dorms and there are various meal plans to choose from.</p>

<p>"Room and board" means lodging and meals... I mean, according to the dictionary that's what it means. Schools may charge separately for dorms and then for a certain meal plan, which may change what you actually pay, i.e., single rooms in the dorm may cost more than doubles, a 20 meal/wk food plan will likely cost more than a 14 meal/wk plan.</p>

<p>However, to answer your question about what it means: housing and food.</p>

<p>Room is housing. Board is meals.</p>