Room assignments?

<p>Has anyone received an email about room assignments? My son hasn't gotten one yet, but I saw on the website that they're supposed to be sent out today. :)</p>

<p>Hmmm... interesting. I haven't gotten mine either.</p>

<p>Me neither...
I checked the Housing StudentWeb, and it says that they've bumped room assignment notifications to the first week of August.</p>

<p>I still have no preference as my selection. lol Going to orientation tomorrow so hopefully will make up my mind for which building to choose... :)</p>

<p>Roommate assignment e-mails are out today, August 5! I finally got mine.</p>

<p>Pell Grant<br>
Direct Loan Unsub - 1<br>
Direct Loan Sub - 1 </p>

<p>I just checked my financial aid. Would I have to pay back the loan offered? If so, Im cancelling my housing because no way I can afford that...</p>

<p>I got my room as well.</p>

<p>Dorms suck so much at CPP... Orientation was horrible... what a waste of time...</p>

<p>did you get your housing assignment in your regular email or your cal poly email?</p>

<p>Log into your student web account at the university housing.</p>

<p>i haven't recieved anything on room assignments yet ***ff</p>

<p>My son received his room assignment the other day. He also received an offer to move to the Suites, so he is going to try to do that since the Suites are much nicer.</p>

<p>my student web account at the university housing doesn't say anything regarding my housing... only that my application was submitted. I already paid for everything!!! im gonna have to give them a call on monday</p>