Room Change Request???

<p>I just found out my housing assignment for Fall 2010. Unfortunately, I was assigned to a quad in Gregory. Based on popular opinion on these forums, this particular dormitory building seems populated with antisocial kids. This is not really the environment I wish to be surrounded by in my first year. Does anyone know the process involved in changing rooms? Is it even worth the trouble? </p>

<p>From what I have discovered online, there are three room change periods? The one I am probably interested in is the fall room change one. The Campus Express site states "Tuesday, October 5, and Wednesday, October 6, 2010 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM" are the application dates. Does this mean this process begins in the beginning of October or is October 6th the deadline?</p>

<p>hmm i never got the impression that gregory was antisocial</p>

<p>give it a try and see how you like it</p>

<p>and yes, you'd submit a room change app by the 6th</p>

<p>Like tenebrousfire said, don't be so quick to change your dorm. Gregory isn't so bad and you should give it a chance. I'd recommend you stay there for first semester and if you don't like it, request a room change for second semester.</p>

<p>antisocial? i don't know who told you that...</p>

<p>tenebrousfire: So, even if I submit a room assignment change application now, I won't actually be able to change dorms until October?</p>

<p>sirpasta: No one specifically told me kids in Gregory were antisocial.. but through googling past threads discussing life in Gregory I found a few CC members mentioning it was not a very social dorm</p>

<p>that is correct</p>

<p>heck i wanted to do a swap my sophomore year with someone i knew</p>

<p>i moved into "his" room anyway (with my two roommates) but i wasn't an official resident of the room until october - led to some mishaps with security</p>

<p>how hard is it to get into the quad? I got hill, but I want the quad haha</p>

<p>You guys realize that a dorm is only as social as its residents... it can change completely from year to year. The facilities in Gregory are awesome, the rooms huge and the common areas unbelievable. Do you get the typical freshman dorm experience? No... but having a roommate is definitely overrated! </p>

<p>I can guarantee that if you have the attitude you seem to have now when you move in, you're going to hate the place, and nothing will change your mind, so you'll be miserable for a month. Then again, you could always think positively and give the place a chance. You might -- GASP! -- even like it!</p>

<p>Also, Hill is more fun than the Quad, now that they renovated it and made all of the things inside function properly. I know quite a few people who lived in the Quad but always hung out with my friends from Hill freshman year. They were practically residents!</p>