Room Checks?

<p>I've heard a few things about room inspections and I was just wondering how those worked - is it a monthly sort of thing and are they unannounced, etc...?
And though we're not supposed to bring coffee makers, I heard it wasn't difficult to keep them out of sight during these room checks... so is it still common for people to keep them in the dorms?</p>

<p>Thanks so much!</p>

<p>When I was a freshman I got my room checked twice. It was easy and peice of cake. They warn you with plenty of time to hide things you dont want them to see. Most people who got some kind of warning only did because they had a very messy room or they had something like an extension cord that they forgot to hide. Nothing major. Just know what you can and cant have and remember to hide it.</p>

<p>room checks happen once per semester, and you'll know about a two week window of when they are going to happen. The RA's aren't allowed to move or open anything in your room (drawers, fridge, etc...) all they see is whatever is in plain sight. So yeah, its easy to hide anything.</p>

<p>okay thanks!</p>