Room Descriptions

<p>I figured we can start this thread to help anyone who would like a description of their room type. I'll ask first. Does any upperclassmen know what the Rubin -18A rooms are like? Thanks for any help.</p>

<p>I'm not really positive about this, cause i haven't been in Rubin in three months, but I think that your room might be like this...</p>

<p>On my floor it was a LCT
The view was of 10th Street
It was pretty big, the people in it managed to debunk the beds
At the end of the main hallway </p>

<p>I was in a -16 room, so I am thinking that this was the room to my left (if the side was all even numbers)</p>

<p>However, this could be all wrong, in which case I apologize lol.</p>

<p>Anyone from Rubin remember how the rooms were numbered?</p>

<p>Well I know it's a double, not a triple if that helps at all.</p>

<p>yeah then that's most likely not it. sorry i can't be of more help :o(</p>

<p>Yes, could use a description of Brittany 05E rooms.</p>

<p>Bump on the 18A Rubin.</p>

<p>how do y'all already know this??? (your room numbers, i mean)</p>

<p>nyu mail about room numbers and roomates got to new jersey first, i'm hearing.</p>

<p>Ah, I didn't see that they were both from NJ. Bah, it better be on the site Aug. 1st because I'm in TX and my mail is delayed a week anyways b/c we recently moved....</p>

<p>anyone know how many floors Brittany is? b/c i'm on the 15th floor.... :-/</p>

<p>holy crap! sweet, i hope my roommate calls me asap. knowing my luck, i'll probably be with you eji2006 on the 15t floor.</p>

<p>you'd rather be on a lower floor?</p>

<p>well maybe 15 is kinda high, but id rather be around the 6-9ish area</p>

<p>btw im in rubin</p>

<p>i think i'm on a low floor (b/c i'm on the choices floor, which is 3rd, i've heard) and i'd prefer higher</p>

<p>i would prefer a room like yours, around the 6-9ish area, but knowing my terrible luck, i'll probably be in the top floor.</p>

<p>why do the floors matter?
i guess when it comes to stairs/elevator, but evreyone could use a little exercise so whatev panda bear.</p>

<p>anyway, how did you guys find outabout your rooms/roommates? I thought the letters weren't being sent until tuesday... that's cool, i wish i had mine already. all in due time i 'spose.</p>

<p>does rubin have any regular doubles, without it being a suite?</p>

<p>Good question Highdisk! Are there any NON suite rooms? Or does every room need to share their bathroom with another? When I visited, I was under the impression that rooms (at least the majority) each had a bathroom in it...</p>

<p>yeah there are plenty of doubles that aren't suites in rubin. in fact, there really aren't that many suites.</p>

<p>every room has a private bathroom. the rooms in a suite share a bathroom.</p>

<p> this means what for Triples?? They're all in suites?? I'm really starting to regret this LCH.....</p>

<p>no, no triple that i've ever seen in rubin is a suite. as far as i know they are all their own rooms, with their own bathrooms. the suites in rubin aren't low cost at all. they are just a really big corner room that puts two (double, i think) rooms together and share a bathroom.</p>