Room number assignments

<p>When do we find out our floor/room number?</p>

<p>soon. eventually at the very latest. just check your bearfacts every day to see if your address changes.</p>

<p>haha eventually at the very latest. That's nice and definite.</p>

<p>tis the point :3</p>

<p>I can guarantee you that you will know the room number no later than the time you take the key newly issued to you on move-in day and head for your room. Hopefully sooner, but certainly no later.</p>

<p>When do they release our room numbers on bearfacts?</p>

<p>Pretty sure they give that to us when we check-in on move-in day.</p>

<p>Yes, that is when you know the exact room number. </p>

<p>In some past years, various systems mistakes disclosed the tentative room numbers for short periods, but their intent is to keep shuffling those until the last minute.</p>