Room Question

<p>I am a very social male currently registered for a double in Markley. However, I was offered a single in Lloyd for my double in Markely and I was wondering what people think of for that offer. I want to party a lot but I am also planning on applying to the Ross School of Business so I need to get work done as well. I also want a single so I do not have to worry about my roommate when I bring girls back haha but I want to make sure Lloyd is still a very fun dorm. Can anyone help me with the pros/cons of each dorm?</p>

<p>Pros of Markley: More social, Dining hall, All freshmen, Study rooms, Hideaway</p>

<p>Cons of Markley: Small rooms, Loud</p>

<p>Pros of Lloyd: Bigger rooms, Academic atmosphere, Lots of study rooms, Good location (you get to avoid the wind tunnel to Markley which is brutal in the winter)</p>

<p>Cons of Lloyd: Not as social, No dining hall</p>

<p>Honestly, no matter where you live, you're gonna have fun. I lived in Markley freshman year and had no issues with my roommate, academics or social life. I had a great time living there. I personally think that having a roommate freshman year is a really good experience and that you learn a lot from that experience, but of course its all about personal preference. Good luck!</p>