Room Selection Advice

<p>My D is completing her first year at AU and will soon be picking a room for sophmore year. She is thinking of Anderson Hall because she heard Letts is referred to as the Lhetto. Any advice on which rooms she should choose?</p>


<p>I will be an undergrad sophomore next year as well! Fortunately, Letts is being renovated in the summer like Anderson was last summer, but even then generally students stray away from Letts. I am thinking Centennial Hall (which is connected to Anderson) but as a sophomore we can only get floors 4, 5, 6 and your D's room selection lottery # should be low to get Centennial. Otherwise, I'm going for Anderson Hall terrace, 1, or 2! She could have also picked McDowell suites to live in a learning community but I believe those have already gone underway otherwise your D would have to create a new community which is hard. Or she could go off campus to the Berkshire apartments which costs exactly as much as a traditional room (Anderson, Centennial, McDowell doubles) which is pretty awesome! </p>

<p>It all depends on your D's room selection lottery # though. I would go from there. </p>


<p>P.S. Also just heard that the learning living communities (LLC) is taking applications for Roper Hall (communities based on social justice, etc). </p>