<p>I think the roomate search tool after you get housing is inadequate. So I thought I could reach out online. I'm looking for a smart roomate who is amiable, can have fun, but who cares about his academic standing. I'm a smart guy from Miami. I'm in the honors program, have a university scholarship. No drugs or smoking.</p>

<p>for dorms or a house?</p>

<p>hopefully hecht. I'm an incoming freshman</p>

<p>use a facebook group to find people, you won't find too many on CC...and yea the roommate search that the university gives out sucks a lot it's really a roll of the dice unless you find someone online...facebook's your best bet</p>

<p>There's a facebook group for Miami 2012 students. There are lots of discussion topics, including a "roommate survey," though I think you'll be quite disappointed with the kind of answers people put. I, too, want an honors, drug-free roommate and had to flat out say it. I also started a discussion topic called "Honors Program Invitees" and a whopping 3 people, including myself, have responded...</p>

<p>I kinda wish Miami hadn't given me so much money...</p>

<p>if only you were a guy!!</p>

<p>haha, you are going to find idiots who only care about parties no matter what college you go to. Remember, a lot of these kids with high gpa's were pushed very hard by their parents and live a sheltered life, they are finally going to be able to move away and DRINK. Generally its the kids with the really high gpa's who end up looking like idiots in college haha.</p>

<p>for living situations, if you guys are looking for specific types of people, i know mahoney will be offering 3 different themed living learning communities for freshmen (though i dont think the themes have been publicized yet) while Pearson offers la casa international (spanish/french floor) but from what i've seen they dont really do much and pearson also has STRIVE, which is the living/learning leadership and community service floor</p>

<p>strive and la casa are not freshmen only btw
strive is half upper, half freshmen</p>

<p>S will be down to visit UM in early March. He needs to make up his mind if he'll be attending. He was accepted EA ,University Scholar, Honors program. How is the housing? Any pros or cons about housing?</p>

<p>srinaldi: I assume that you know that they are on spring break starting March 7th.....Just a reminder....</p>

<p>Lots of freshman are in Stanford and Hecht; beyond that we will be trying to figure that out later as well....</p>

<p>Srinaldi: Maybe we should get in touch. I am also a university scholar, in the honors program, accepted EA. I am definitely going to UM. I'm in the process of searching for a roomate.</p>

<p>Thanks for the info. His visit is before the 7th.
This will be a CRAZY we in our house. Tech week. I'm doing hair and make up for Son's last big show in High School. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead. When he gets back from his visit I'll have him get in touch.
Thanks for the reply.</p>

<p>umcane S will be in the business school, How about you?</p>

<p>Arts and sciences. I will eventually follow a law, political science, business, or social studies track.</p>