Roommate assignments

<p>Did we miss something, or was there no where to indicate habits, characteristics, etc. desired for roommate assignments? Are roommate assignments random?</p>

<p>Randomness is where the fun is (yes, it is randomized).</p>

<p>Yeah, unless you specifically request someone, your roommate is going to be random. =/</p>

<p>I find that totally amazing. Definitely not what what my S was expecting, but I guess that's where the LLCs are helpful in at least offering the opportunity to be with students who have a common interest.</p>

<p>When do we find out who our roommate is and where were living?</p>

<p>You will find out your floor and dorm assignment by mid June. Roommate assignments are not sent out until August. </p>

<p>It is amazing how often the roommate assignments turn out to be just fine. it's a good learning experience for some to figure out how to live with someone different. I've heard many tales from those with students at small colleges that have the time to do more "matching" that turn out to be nightmares. It doesn't always work out well either way.</p>

<p>My daughter had a random assignment this year. She and her roommate got along far better than many students that requested a specific roommate.</p>

<p>Good point, rrah. There's certainly a gamble any way you do it. We'll hope for the best, and he'll be glad to know that the dorm assignments will be out by next month.</p>

<p>my son found a room mate through the IU facebook page, the kids seem to use a survey, and he found someone that he had a few things in common with. Since he doesn't really know too many kids going to IU, I think this was good for him. I hope it all works out!</p>

<p>i was just assigned to Evermann, anyone knows what the inside of it looks like and how does redbud hill looks like inside cause they are not showing pictures at all, just the floor plans which are mediocre</p>

<p>hey, how did you find out housing information? i'm all over the site and as far as i can see they haven't been released yet!</p>

<p>they sent me a email saying what apartment i was assigned to..</p>

<p>oh. i haven't gotten an e-mail. maybe because i'm in a dorm</p>