Roommate Info

<p>So how much longer do we wait for dorm and roommate info. Dd is getting anxious. All of her friends going to other schools have received info. We are waiting to buy the shared items and watching all the good sales go by! $49.00 for a mini frig at Target this week.</p>

<p>Applicantmum, just curious, have you heard yet? I hope it all works out.</p>


<p>i just recently recieved mine, and i live 20 minutes away. if worse comes to worse, you could always call/email reslife and ask to find out. at the very least they should tell your what dorm she is in.</p>

<p>also, has she recieved her FYS assignment yet? you are able to log-in to scotweb and check your profile. most students' have been updated, although there are some that are still waiting. steps to do that:</p>

<li>go to The</a> College of Wooster: Where Independent Study Leads to Extraordinary Achievement</li>
<li>click on the button that says scotweb</li>
<li>click log-in</li>
<li>enter user id and password (make sure id is WITHOUT</li>
<li>click on the students box (it's blue with white text)</li>
<li>find the link that says my profile (should be right side of screen)</li>
<li>once there, she should be able to see the name of her academic advisor, who will also be the intstuctor of her FYS</li>