Roommate Matchmaking?

<p>Yo everyone, I was accepted ED1 at Pomona so yeah...</p>

<p>I know there's lots of colleges out there who have you fill out a survey having to do with your living habits and stuff, then use your answers to try to match you up with a "compatible" roommate or whatever. I haven't read any info on whether or not Pomona does this...</p>

<p>So can someone enlighten me? Do they do this at all, or is it totally random? If so when do I get the survey thing? What questions are on it? etc... </p>

<p>Thanks in advance</p>

<p>Congrats on your acceptance! Yes, you will receive a survey on which are the standard questions, e.g., what time do you usually go to sleep, how neat/messy are you. You'll be getting that later this spring. What's important is that you need to be totally honest in your answers so that you'll get matched with someone who has similar likes and dislikes. D was so compatible with her first-year roommate that they're rooming again this year in a two-room double.</p>

<p>Thanks for the info girl...</p>

<p>Oh man, September can't come soon enough. I'm hella excited...</p>

<p>Careful what you write on your roommate application, though. The sponsors read the funniest and most embarrassing applications anonymously at the end of freshman year dinner - but everyone knows who wrote what, so it's not so anonymous! Don't worry, nothing hurtful would be read, but take my freshman year roommate - she typo'd that she was a candy stripper at a hospital - that definitely got read.</p>

<p>Also, you won't have to wait til September. You should be shipping out mid-August, as a freshman. The rest of the school comes in the last week of August, usually.</p>

<p>Actually, the academic calendar has shifted so first-year students will be heading to campus the last week of August. Classes begin on September 2.</p>