Roommate problems....

<p>I was waitlisted at the school I now attend and being one of the last people to accept my acceptance I was placed in a forced triple. I have the top bunk in a room that was not designed for 3 people. Our drawers are in our closets because there is no space and it is extremely cramped. I was given 2 roommates whom are now ganging up on me because they are really good friends and I do not have much in common with them. They ostracize me outright in public and make all of these comments to try and put me down. The rest of my hall notices our problems and they pity me for being placed in a triple. At the same time there is no way for me to move into a double or elsewhere on campus because there is no space available and I cant find anyone that wants to switch with me because I was placed in the oldest doorms on campus. At the earliest ill be able to move out at the beginning of the next semester. What should I do until then to avoid conflict with them?</p>

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<p>Do you have an RA or Dorm Advisor? Talk to them first, tell them what's up. </p>

<p>Also, practically all schools have policies for relocating students who are having irreconcilable roomate problems. Check into that. </p>

<p>Lastly, I suggest looking for a group of friends that will accept you and hold you up when your roomies are dragging you down. You need a support system. </p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>Destiny's advice is good. I would suggest talking to your RA about what they are doing. Many schools have a set of rules that people are supposed to follow as roommates. I'm sure that they are viewing you as the outsider who wrecked their double situation, but it isn't your fault.</p>

<p>Learn to love the library, the lounges, campus center - and study elsewhere. Hang out with people elsewhere, or else invite them into your room (if you don't care about the roommates being snitty). If you aren't in the room very often, it'll be hard for them to be mean. It might take the tension off a bit - that is not a good living situation. Figure out when they are both in class, be in the room then, but leave before they return. </p>

<p>I know this sounds weird, but be nice to them in public. Most people are grown up enough to realize that they are the problem, not you - but don't give anyone reason to think that you deserve this. </p>

<p>Finally, if their behaviour in public is bothering you, let them know that it's harassment. Depending on which school you go to, the penalties for that can be pretty harsh.</p>

<p>Keep asking about switching rooms. Someone may drop out suddenly - make sure that you are first in line for tho</p>

<p>Being nice to them in public is great advice!</p>

<p>Be sure not to let it get to the point of interfering with your studies. If *that *happens, let the Dean of Students and the Residential Office know that the situation is harming your academic performance. That should get the ball moving.</p>

<p>I would put a note on the outside of your dorm room: </p>

<p>"WANTED: 4th roomate.
We're having a ball and have
PLENTY of room for a 4th person!
Candidate with own ping-pong table
will be given preference!"


<p>Suck it up. Not everyone is meant to get along. As long as they're not violent, you should be fine. Hang out in the hall. Do HW at the library. The usual.</p>



<p>what exactly are they saying?</p>

<p>Can't you ask for a medical exemption if your situation is that bad? Insomnia or an allergy or something that requires you to be moved to another dorm? Do they have this at your school?</p>

<p>2 Questions:
- Are dorms allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis at most colleges?
- Which do you consider the best option: double, single, quad, or triple (or should we exclude the last one!?)</p>