Roommate question for housing form

<p>My daughter was accepted by Early Decision to NYU. She has received her housing form in the mail. She wants to room with a friend who has applied regular decision and has not heard yet. To take advantage of the preference that ED students have in the process, should she go ahead and submit her form and put her friend's name as a roommate? If her friend doesn't get in, can she change her roommate on the form and still get the early decision preference? Or should she just wait to submit the form until the first of April to see if her friend gets in or not?</p>

<p>I do not know about that....</p>

<p>But I applied regular decision (to CAS) and I was accepted. So maybe your Daughter's freind will hear back sometime this week.....that would make things alot easier.......</p>

<p>Hey, how'd you get the housing form already? I was accepted ED and have activated my NYU Home account, but just received a letter (bill) yesterday saying that an additional $1000 is necessary BEFORE the housing link or info will be activated. Did you already pay this a while back? The housing links on the NYU website aren't working for me.</p>

<p>ALSO (about your'e question) since ED kids get dibs on dorm choice, if you want to room with an RD you loose you're ED housing choice option? Or do you "elevate" your RD room mate to the ED pool if they room with you?</p>

<p>violetfan- which dorm is she interested in? some are more popular than others...</p>

<p>salem1 - read the letter again, it does not say you have to pay an additional $1000 before you get the housing link, but that you can need to activate your NYUHome account (there is even an enclosed 'guide'). It also says that you can start accessing online housing March 17 and that your housing application along with the additional $1000 is not due until June 2. Hope this helps :).</p>

<p>Thanks, it didn't work in my AOl browser, but the link worked in my Explorer browser...very weird</p>