Roommate Selection and Housing

<p>Can someone please explain to me how incoming freshman at stonehill pick their roommates and housing arrangements.</p>

<p>as i recall they asked you for your top 3 choices of dorms. most freshman were housed in Ohara and the Sem. ohara is right in the between the new science center and the gym . more centrally located than the Sem. if you have a request for a roommate they will honor it. otherwise they send you a questionaire and try to match you up.</p>

<p>From your experience what dorm would you recommend that I request and why? Also I have heard that in the past Stonehill has been really strict in regards to alcohol possession and consumption and I have recently heard that Stonehill will be implementing a dry campus policy starting next year. How has the nightlife and party scene been on campus in the past and how do you think this new policy will effect what the party scene has been?</p>

<p>Villa and Corr are the most modern, comfortable of the dorms. They are both close to the caf and academic buildings. Ohara, where my son and daughter both spent freshman year is next door to the new science center (opens up to a large outdoor common area) if that is going to be part of your major. That is just a typical cinder block coed building. The Sem is by far the most segregated of the dorms and is close to nothing. I cannot speak to the dry campus policy they may be implementing,
but I can assure you that there has been no lack of nightlife</p>