Roommate Survey!

<p>Name: Marko (haikumaruku)
Hometown: Chilpancingo, Mexico & Huntington Beach, California
High school: Rim of The World High in Lake Arrowhead, California</p>

<p>College Accepted to: UC To the I!
Going to pledge? YES!
Honors college student? Not yet... hope to get honors in acting and CHP after one year ^^
Sports you play/intend to play: Swim, Water Polo, Soccer? Maybe Sailing!
Joining any organizations: Multi-cultural club, Chicanos For Community Medicine, maybe a frat? A Music club.. a drama club, IDK, I'll see...</p>

<p>Party? Only when the work's done. I like parties with dancing and food :)
Drink? Not really, I do like Rum though (In Mexico, drinking age is 18)
Smoke? No
What’s your perfect weekend? What? I do like Fridays and Saturdays</p>

<p>Religion: Jew-ish</p>

<p>Favorite music (go to concerts much?): MUSE (yes!), Paramore, Miranda, Chick Corea, Juanes, Radiohead, Chili Peppers, Techo, A little bit of everything!
Favorite food: Chilaquiles, Yakitori Chicken
Favorite drink: Mountain Dew, Cuba libre (Rum+Coke+lime)
Favorite place to visit: Beaches :) Anywhere with water!
Favorite place to be: Anywhere nice, sunny, sorta breezy, maybe a park?
Favorite activity: Swimming-anything swim related, playing music, day-dreaming, talk?
Pet Peeve: messyness, noise</p>

<p>Have you ever shared a room before? Yeah
Night owl/early bird? Both... I got o bed at 12AM but wake up at 8
Do you snore? No, thank the lord
How important are your grades? Important
Mind having people in your room, late night? No, as long as they're gone by 12
Mind having people visit from home and stay in the room? No
Do you bring the drama? Sometimes, I am a dramatic person
How often do you talk on the phone? Often, like 1-3 hours.
Do you have any unordinary habits? I do tend to watch a lot of Telenovelas
What do you consider clean? Organized, good smelling, nice-looking
Do you consider yourself clean? Yeah
Outgoing or shy? Little bit of both, I can be shy at 1st but once we get to know, Im very outgoing
Active or lazy? Active
Do you know a lot of people going here? Yeah
Do you know a lot of people that already go here? Some
Are YOU hugely pumped to go here or What!? YES</p>

<p>Anything else about yourself that you'd like other people to know:
I'm a cool kid, a HUGE MUSE FAN. So if you're a MUSE FAN, then we'll get along VERY WELL
Im also a drama kid, that is drama as the major... and I do enjoy public health, I love med and it's what I want to do.
Um, I went a year to volunteer abroad and I have pretty good medical knowledge. Ask me for any help in Spanish cause Im super good! :)</p>

<p>I now know way more about you then I ever wanted to. Creepy.</p>

<p>Go muse!!!!!!!!!</p>