Roommate won't get in contact with me?

<p>So, I'm moving in to my new school on Sunday, and I still haven't talked to my roommate..I've emailed her twice this summmer and she never replied. I've checked my contract, and she's still listed as my roommate. If I called the housing department would they be allowed to give me a phone number so I could find out what's going on?? Has anyone else dealt with the same problem?</p>

<p>I don't know personally, but there's another thread on here with someone else that also couldn't get in contact with their roommate. Maybe go look for that thread, might be some suggestions, but yeah, you could definitely try and call, it's worth a shot. You need to get in contact and decide who's bringing what or it can be a real mess. Move-in day is crazy enough...I'd know, I just did that today. I was in contact with roomie, but even with that, there's still enough other crazy stuff!!!</p>