Roommates/Housing at Gettysburg College (PLEASE HELP)

Ok so I’m in a rough situation. (Also Gettysburg is a small college & my chances of finding someone who can actually help me might be slim, but i am extremely desperate) I am a rising sophomore & I will be living in Muss, or at least that’s where I am supposed to be. The girl I was going to room with decided, after housing selection, that she wanted to transfer to Boston University next year. She’s my friend so I support her, but now I am left without a roommate. I was hoping that I would end up in the room alone. Side note- I applied to be an RA & I was waitlisted… so at any point next year I could be called on to replace an RA, although I think that’s unlikely. Ok… so Gettysburg sends me an email that says I have until Monday to find a roommate or I “should expect an assignment be made to the vacancy.” Attached to this email were a list of people who went into the summer w/o housing and because housing is guaranteed at gettysburg, they will squeeze them in. There are 10 girls on this list but like 90 boys. I don’t know what I should do. I sent one girl an email a week ago but she didn’t answer. Now I think I will just wait it out & see what happens?? Has anyone ever had a situation even remotely similar to this one? Also I was wondering if anyone knows anything about living off campus at gettysburg… i know that only seniors can apply to do that but I don’t really know anything else.

I’m sure it’s disappointing to lose your sophomore roommate, but I think you will be okay. It sounds like they will just assign a girl who needs housing to be your roommate. Could be great! My planned roommate sophomore year didn’t get her housing form in on time and I was assigned a random junior. We got along fine. I still mainly hung out with my freshman-year dorm friends, but my random roomie was really nice and the year went well.

Relax, enjoy your summer, and expect a good sophomore year.

im wondering if i wont be assigned someone because they said that i would have received my new assignment by now… they sent a list of people w/o roommates & there were barely any girls so maybe (IM HOPING) they just dont have anyone to give me… ugh idk