<p>when do we find out who our roommates our?</p>

<p>sometime in june</p>

<p>I found out sometime in June before the first Arts & Sciences orientation (which I believe was ~June 20th). Not sure how much before though.</p>

<p>how do we find out? email? myneu?</p>

<p>I heard from a friend that is an OL that freshmen room assignments just were released, so check them out. If he was right, then you can find it under the self-service tab on myneu.</p>

<p>Nothing there for me.</p>

<p>Just the roommate survey...</p>

<p>yeah mine wasnt there either</p>

<p>still nothing posted on myneu right?</p>

<p>not for me.. :(</p>

<p>i just spoke to housing and they said that they're sending out the letters on monday!!!!</p>

<p>Letters? Like emails or do we have to wait for snail mail?:(</p>


<p>NEU parent message board says that e-mails will be sent on Wed including dorm assignment, roommate and move in date? Either way sounds like by mid week we should know.</p>

<p>anyone heard yet?</p>

<p>on the self service tab theres a link for online housing but when i click on it, it wont let me login and says denied or something. ugh</p>

<p>Same here :(
The server's probably having problems though because there's too much of us logging in, so I might just check mine in the morning.</p>

<p>I guess still a problem couldn't get this morning either.....</p>

<p>yeah-it says that my passwords wrong too -_-</p>

<p>Well, if it's a common problem then I guess they just have not uploaded all the data yet or have not activated this service. Anyway, it seems that we will find out today!</p>

<p>I called Housing department and they said that we will be notified be e-mail when we will be able to access 'Housing Online'. Just wait, that's it.</p>