Roosevelt CCPA MT Head Interview

For anyone considering Roosevelt CCPA for a BFA in Musical Theatre, Musical Theatre-Dance, or Acting, I highly recommend the May 22, 2021 interview with Stephen Schellhardt on “The College Audition” podcast on Spotify. Stephen is the MT Head at CCPA. My D is a rising junior MT major and can’t say enough good things about Stephen’s teaching and general approach to the program. In the interview, Stephen gives a wealth of helpful info on CCPA’s format, focus, facilities, auditions, etc. If it’s allowed, I’ll include a link.

This was interesting. The MT head there is really engaging. I tried to figure out costs for the school and they look quite high and I can’t get the scholarship and financial aid sections to work. Any idea how they generally are on financial aid for a high stats academic student?

@Theaterforme Stephen is very positive and has been a wonderful mentor! I thought he gave an accurate description of CCPA in that interview.

CCPA gives a performing arts scholarship based on the audition. They don’t give a separate academic scholarship to the theatre majors. My student came in with high academic stats, but I honestly don’t know how much that factored into the merit scholarship. Their merit award can be quite substantial. It is possible to appeal their merit offer and get an increase. (We did!) In addition to that, Roosevelt University gives need-based financial aid, as well as work-study opportunities. The urban conservatories are not cheap, but CCPA’s scholarship made it the most “affordable” for us. You might try emailing with your question.