Rose Hulman Admissions

Does anybody know how long it takes Rose Hulman to give you a response on admissions? I submitted mine on Nov. 20th.

repost here?

EA notification in around Dec. 15. Last year students started hearing around the 11th. RD notification is around March 15. Good luck!

Anyone hear yet?

I haven’t heard as of yesterday. Anyone get anything today in the mail?

Did anyone else try to use your login information to access the accepted student button on their main page to put down a deposit? It would not let me in. Not sure if that is a bad sign

If it helps, mine doesn’t work either but I wouldn’t be too concerned about it.

I doubt that the link will work until after the students have received the official acceptances :slight_smile: There’s a tweet on the main page about 3 hours ago indicating that the admission letters are on their way.

My S received his letter of admission today.

pnmbn96 congratulations on S where do you live?

My S was accepted today, too. We live in Phoenix.

I was accepted today as well, and I’m from Oregon.

Received my acceptance today too. From California

Son accepted from Alabama.

Just to confirm, no one had merit info in their letters right, given that they come out in the spring?

Son accepted today via US mail in Illinois. No merit mention yet.

D accepted from CA. No mention of aid.

Has anyone who has been accepted tried to use their login information from their app to go to the accepted students deposit screen? I an trying to figure out if the fact that my login failed means bad news.

My son’s acceptance letter had a username but the password is being sent separately. I don’t know if this is a different username than the one for his application.

Thanks - I am taking this as good news.

And congratulations to your son