Rose Hulman EA Class of 2021 Decisions

Thought that I’d get this thread started. Post your EA decisions here.

From Instagram…

Check your mail! Acceptance letters are in the wild. We are hoping to “see clearly” a lot of #RoseHulmanGetsMe posts this week!

Applied for EA and submitted on Aug. 3rd, finally got my decision letter in mail just now, and… I got accepted! This is my third acceptance letter of the nine colleges I applied to. For me, it all just comes down to Purdue and Rose essentially. I went on a swim recruiting over nighter and made lots of swim friends. I remember I told them I applied to Purdue to which they responded, “Purdue? More like Pur-DON’T!” Hehehe.

Good luck to everyone else who applied. :smiley:

D got her acceptance EA for EE today. Be warned – came in a small envelope.

Accepted EA!

D got accepted!! It was a small envelope & I wasn’t expecting to see ’ congratulations '…,but sure enough, she was accepted!

Next big hurdle…anyone hear about financial aid? Or know when we will hear?

Congrats to everyone!

Are you guys in Indiana? I wonder how fast the mail propagates across the country… :slight_smile:

Accepted EA! Excited to hear about merit aid. Anyone know how much they give out/when?

No envelope today in NYC. :frowning:

We’ll have to wait another day.

I’m in Illinois and got it today

Accepted EA from California today (small envelope!!!)

Received acceptance letter yesterday in Washington state. Small envelope, but with mysterious “bump” that denial letters likely don’t have included.

Accepted EA from India.
Congratulations to everyone!

DD accepted EA from Calif - last night at midnight. Yes, that’s when my mailman showed up.

Son accepted EA from MI, received mail today

S accepted from NYC, in today’s USPS mail.

I got accepted today as well. I’m over on the West Coast, so rather fast?

@STEM2017 Congrats!

Congrats admits!

Accepted EA from India on 9/12