Rose-Hulman more info + CS

Hi everyone,

I never thought about applying to Rose-Hulman in the fall until now, but I don’t really know a lot about it besides what they say on their website and brief info session.

How is Rose-Hulman’s CS program? I plan on majoring on CS in college. What makes Rose-Hulman unique from other schools? How is the social life there? Are the classes small or large? Is the campus in a nice area?

If there’s anything else I’m missing please let me know.

Thanks! I appreciate the responses.

They are strong in CS. The campus is fine, it is in Terra Haute. Not a hopping city, but there is a town there. It is unique mostly because it is STEM focused. The gender ratio skews heavily male (about 80% male). It tends to be more in the conservative side politically, although it isn’t what you would consider an activist campus either way. About 80% of the classes have under 25 students, and they don’t have TAs teaching classes. There is Greek life on campus.

They have a summer program called Operation Catapult that is a great way to get to know the school, and go a fun CS project. Officially I am pretty sure they aren’t taking apps any more, but if you called they might still have slots.

thanks! @intparent