Rose Hulman vs Illinois

I have been accepted to both Rose Hulman and University of Illinois for Chemical Engineering, and I have gotten scholarships to where Rose Hulman is only $3k more than U of I (in-state). I am aware of the physical differences between the schools, (small school vs very large school, class size, etc,) but it is unclear as to which school would set me up to be more successful in my future. I hope to attend grad school someday and perhaps do something research-related in the Biochemistry field. There aren’t very clear comparisons of the schools that I could find online in terms of prestige, quality of education, or starting salaries, so I was wondering if someone might be able to provide some opinions of the two schools.


Nice work earning great choices.

I am a ChemE by degree and worked in the trade for 10 to 15 years. It’s been 10 years since I’ve done anything ChemE.

Both schools are very good. And you’ll likely do well at both. Likewise, both will offer plenty of choices post graduation. My opinion … It really doesn’t matter which school you go to.

Now I’ll contradict myself. I’ve seen very good (smart, hard working, well meaning) people fail at jobs they just weren’t right for. The mismatch (in my opinion) tended to be between the person an the ecosystem (boss, company culture,e etc.). Fit is important. I think college is like that. You should find the place that most fits you. And when the fit is right, you’ll do your very best. And you doing your very best will (probabilistically speaking) lead to your best future.

Good luck