Ross Admissions Process

<p>I know that for sophomore (not pre-admit) admissions, Ross looks at your grades in a math and econ classes, but what else do they look at? Do high school credentials like transcript and SAT scores play a role? Do they also consider what college you are applying from (I would be applying from the college of engineering...would they realize that the engineering courseload is tougher than LSA, or do you mainly take core classes your freshman year at U of M?) Thanks.</p>

<p>They looked at high school stuff last year cause "it was so competitive", but they say they don't really consider that. ROSS will also look at your EC's/essays. They won't consider anything from high school; only things done from after your senior year of high school. Also they will consider course difficulty so they'll understand that COE is hard compared to LSA</p>

<p>Considering they counted high school stuff last year, they will probably do it this year. I can't see the application process this year being any less "competitive". If anything, it is going to be more competitive. CoE is a definite plus if you can effectively display an interest in business (whether in essays or ec's, or preferably both).</p>

<p>Keep in mind, it's getting pretty competitive. In 2007, there were 900 applicants and 290 entered the 3-year bba program, with an average gpa of 3.6 (range from 3.3-4.0). This year, there are 280 spots and judging by the trends (760 applicants in 2006, 900ish in 2007), there may be over 1000 applicants. I'd imagine the 2008 acceptance rate will be in the range of 28-32%, with a continued decline in 2009 (when you would apply). Also the new state-of-the-art Ross building opens this Fall.</p>