Ross Decisions

<p>I'm an incoming freshman and I'm wondering how heavily weighted are your HS stats compared to the GPA you recieve in your first year at UMich when it comes to Ross decisions?</p>

<p>Until this year, I don't believe Ross looked at the HS stats of incoming sophmore admits. However, the admit rate dropped considerably for incoming sophomores... and they started looking at HS stats. My guess is that they had to make a lot more close calls than in the past and decided this additional information would help them make better selections. So, I wouldn't exactly call HS stats a "tie breaker'" but they are probably far less weighted than freshmen performance (grades, quant strength, course load, essays, etc.).</p>

<p>Ross is a nutty place. </p>

<p>They looked at HS stats this year due to the low acceptance rate. Usually they never look at your grades from HS. I was in a program this year as a freshman that allowed me to talk to all the head people of the BBA program and the way it works is to get a 3.5+, great essays that really show who you are and are totally unique to you, and make connections. If you more questions feel free to ask</p>

<p>they checked high school grades last year as well.</p>

<p>Not for regular admits last year. They made sure you had NOTHING related to high school in your app last year.</p>

<p>Last year was the first year for 3-year program and the last year for 2-year program, wasn't it? If they don't consider your HS stats, they would have to make a decision based on your academic performance in one semester. If I remember correctly, Ross sent out decisions (at least for the 2-year program kids) before the end of winter term.</p>

<p>HS stats weren't considered for the 3 yr program last year..we got our decisions in late june, so the entire freshman year was considered. Obviously h.s. stats were used for the pre-admits though. The 2-year program got their decisions earlier (feb-march ish).</p>

<p>Even if it doesn't have anything about HS on the regular app, couldn't they just pull up your HS info from the UM database or something.</p>

<p>I remember reading a thread on here about a guy who said he got in regular admit because he had amazing HS stats.</p>

<p>they DID check hs stats last year. i applied as a transfer and they required me to send in my HS transcript as well. for michigan students, your hs transcript was already on file.</p>

<p>For transfers they did check hs stats, but not for michigan students. They did look up your college transcript but they specifically said that nothing from hs matters because they wanted to even the playing field.</p>

<p>I had average HS stats in terms of my fellow incoming freshmen who got admitted this year, and I'm kinda' worried it will effect my Ross decision.</p>

<p>Is my fear rational, or can I outweigh my HS performance with a 3.7 UMich GPA or so?</p>

<p>Yeah, I think HS stats applied only to transfers. The whole point is they want to make sure transfers are good enough for Michigan in general first BEFORE they even consider them for Ross. They want to know if the transfer could have gotten into Michigan from HS in the first place. For students already in the LSA, they know that since they already got into Michigan, they will disregard high school stats. HS stats just proved that you got into Michigan. Now it's about what you can do afterwards, when everyone starts from scratch.</p>