Ross Math Program 2021

I couldn’t find a thread for Ross 2021 which is weird, so I will make one. I’m international applicant, and solve pretty much everything except for 4d cuz it’s open ended.

Also applied, anyone know usual acceptance rate / when decisions pan to come out?

Also general reminder not to talk about the application problems in too much detail, since I heard that many of them are reused from year-to-year

Ok thanks! How did you do on the application?

I also applied. International. Hope decisions comes out soon

I don’t think I did too badly. Solved all the problems, maybe my generalizations were a bit weak but we’ll see

Are they still accepting applications? because their website has not said about the application closing date

I dont think so. I think their application closes at the end of March

Has anyone got their offers yet?

No. Weren’t their admissions supposed to be rolling?

Actually I think they moved away from rolling admissions for this year, I think the director said the website was not updated or smth

Has anyone received their decisions?

Still no.

Does anyone know how they inform applicants? Via emails or the portal?

Not quite sure, but I would imagine a program mature as Ross would inform their applicant via both email and portal

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Just in case anyone is wondering, there is a forum for Ross on Reddit, and the director has said that they are aiming for the decisions to be sent out on April 19th.

Heard some people have decisions on their portals - anyone else?

Thanks! I found the reddit link in case anyone needs

Thanks for sharing! Great info

apparently the results are out in portal

Where is it? I have checked the portal and couldn’t find anything