Ross Mathematics Program 2010 question

<p>I am in the process of packing for the program, do we need to bring our own supply of notebooks, paper, pencils, etc.? Should I bring a calculator?</p>


<p>I'll bet that would be provided for you. But did they send you a list of items to pack?</p>

<p>Good sounds like a great program!</p>

<p>They did not say anything about these items in the material they sent in May. Is there anyone who has attended that can provide some insight?</p>

<p>Yes, I'm wondering about same thing. Can someone clarify what I need to bring?</p>

<p>Hope this response is not too late, as the program starts tomorrow. Last year, my son brought his own paper, pencils, pens, and calculator. He commented, "A calculator is not necessary to accomplish the work (in fact you're not really supposed to use them at times), and although they are quite often useless (most of the program is proof and exploration - based) they can help occasionally." There are CVS pharmacies (one on campus) for you to buy additional supplies.</p>

<p>Other items you may want to bring:
quarters for laundry
alarm clock</p>

<p>Have a great time!!!</p>