Ross Mathematics Program 2020

Is anyone got accepted at Ross 2020?

Co-ask. I have not heard anything yet. Did they mostly like to accept 11th graders?

I’m an 11th-grade student, but I have not heard anything from them too.

Thanks for the information. Good luck.

Hi, i’m an 11 grader, I just got admitted to Ross 2020. Feel free to ask questions, I was wondering what the profile of other people who got admitted is?

@Solette Are you an international student?

Accepted as a 10th grader. Honestly, not quite sure how I got in, no major mathematical research, highest attainment in competition math was AIME. I solved 3.5/4 problems on the qualifying exam, and perhaps if I had put in a significantly greater amount of time I could have solved them all. I think it was probably my qualifying exam that helped the most, supported by excellent recommendation and decent essays. @Solette in case that helps

@cyberwind Were you accepted this morning? When did you submit your application?

@piamida Yes I’m french international.

I was accepted yesterday morning. Submitted application mid-March. Hope that helps @Sun257

I just received my acceptance letter. I’m also a tenth grader. I haven’t had success in competition math and haven’t been to any other math camps. I didn’t see the recommendation my math teacher gave me but I think it was very good. I solved all the problems, but I’m not sure how I did on them. If I had to say what probably made my application good, it would most likely be the advanced math courses(Vector calc, linear algebra, abstract algebra, and other calculus) I’ve taken and my work on the problems.

@Sun257 wow, those are impressive credentials! I’m glad that you made it!

@Sun257 You said "advanced math courses(Vector calc, linear algebra, abstract algebra, and other calculus) " might have helped you getting selected. Since you were in 10th grade, were you doing those as a part of Calc BC at your school ? I am a 9th grader and would like to apply for Ross 2021, so looking for some information to prep for it.

@NerdyBirdy123 I took Calc BC in ninth grade, and Abstract Algebra was through my reading while Vector Calc+Linear Algebra was the course I was taking that year. Simply having those courses may not have contributed to being accepted. I think it’s more of showing a strong interest in mathematics because anyone can say what they’ve done. All in all, if you display unique and well-supported ideas in the application problems, I think you’ll have a relatively high chance of getting in. If you’re in 9th grade looking to get in, don’t go around trying to learn new topics rapidly because the applications matter the most. If you want to learn something you think is interesting, go for it. If you really like it, maybe you can somehow show it in parts of the application. Sure my course list might’ve helped me–I don’t know for sure–but displaying your mathematical ability matters most.