Ross Program Question

<p>Hi, I was accepted into the Ross Mathematics Program and I have a few questions before I accept the invitation. I am planning on seriously competing in USACO the following school year and preparing for USAMO. I hope to spend around 1-2 hours daily devoted to this, until competition time come early 2012. </p>

<p>I understand Ross is extremely intensive, and it's not uncommon to spend 10 hours for mathematics. So would: </p>

<p>10 hours mathematics + 8 hours sleep + 1.5 hours eating + 0.5 hours exercise + 2 hours USACO = a viable Ross schedule?</p>

<p>I also understand they don't allow personal laptops typically, but can I request an exception from this rule, given I am using it for a non-distracting(?), somewhat related activity? I hear they anyways don't have wi-fi...</p>

<p>Thanks alot in advance, and prefer a response sooner than later from anyone or former Ross-ers</p>

<p>That schedule looks fine. Last summer someone spent some time doing USACO related stuff and the counselors didn't care. The same applies to preparing for USAMO. Pretty much as long as you complete sets at a decent rate no one really care what you do with the rest of your time as long as it doesn't break other rules.</p>

<p>You can request an execption but I don't know that it will be granted.</p>