ROTC Option?

<p>I am planning on becoming a doctor through NROTC. I got accepted to a AFROTC afilliated school, but not NROTC for Fall 2011. I found out recently there are scholarships for these programs which are too late for me to apply. Although I do not have any scholarship can I still be in the program and try to qualify for the 2 or 3 year scholarships?</p>

<p>I am planning on transferring my sophomore year to an NROTC afilliated school since I can not apply or transfer my freshman year. Is it okay to transfer after my freshman year to an NROTC college? </p>

<p>If I can be in the NROTC and graduate, will I'll be able to go to medical school after, or will I have to serve immediately after college?</p>

<p>I'm kind of confused on how to go by this. I did talk to a recruiter and he recommended me for the NROTC Nurse Scholarship, but I won't be able to get the 4 year scholarship since I am already going to college. I would really like to do the Navy instead of Air Force since I am already accepted to an AFROTC school. I just wanted to know how the transfer would work and all. Please and thank you</p>