Route of accounting, help?

<p>Hi I am currently attending Baruch college for accounting. Everyone knows that it is aacsb accredited over there and a 4+1 ms program. However for me, it takes me an hour at least if I am lucky to get there.
So I am wondering if I should go to queens college(a non aacsb accredited CUNY) for bachelors in accounting then do mba in Baruch. I will be going for my cpa either way. Note that it only takes me 10 mins max to get to queens college. </p>

<p>So I guess my question is should I go to queens(closer) for bachelors then mba in Baruch or just Baruch(farther) 4+1 masters program? Which one is better? Mba or ms? Also, once I get my cpa does it matter to recruiters/employers what school I graduated from for Bach or mba/ms? Thanks! Please advise me!!</p>

<p>I'm not a CPA, but I am a future accounting major and from what I have researched and understood (over the last year+ that I've been looking into these things) is that:</p>

<li><p>AACSB accreditation is looking to be the gold standard of business and even accounting programs for those accounting programs that are accredited - there is a difference in the business and accounting AACSB accreditation.</p></li>
<li><p>Once you get your CPA, then it will most likely mot matter where you got your undergrad or even MAcc or MT. CPA certification means you have already passed certain standardized tests that everyone would have needed to take to get the cert - no matter which college you got your degree from, even if it was AACSB accredited.</p></li>

<p>The only caveat I'll give with this is that you will need to take into account those CPA requirements that are other than the actual tests, like credit and experience requirements. Which path will set you up better for the CPA? Because once you obtain it, it will most likely not be considered where you went to get there.</p>

<p>So I would go to the closer school (hopefully it's cheaper) and do the masters at the other school IF I was doing one right after the other. Then with the MAcc, you can pass all the CPA exams and THEN gain that exp (if you hadn't done so through college - which is usually more difficult because I think it's full-time exp req). After that, congrats, you've hit CPA and can say "Hi, I'm John Doe, CPA." and no one is really gonna give a hoot where you got your undergrad at least.</p>

<p>Hope that helps and others can feel free to correct me or add.</p>

<p>Well from what my brother told me, he said recruiters often go to Baruch for interns before Queens. That's one downside about non aacsb colleges.</p>

<p>And may I ask what school you go to?</p>

<p>That would be a downside. What type of recruiters was your brother talking about? The Big 4, F500? If so, would you be willing to put off interning with those types of firms/companies until you are seeking your MAcc? There may still be opportunities in small firms and small start-up companies in your area to intern with during undergrad, but you would have to do some research about your specific local area to find out if this is a viable option.</p>

<p>I'm might have spoke a little early about being a future accounting major as I'm not even in school right now. I am also trying to navigate my options for starting college, and accounting has been high on my hot list for a while so I've spent many a months scouring these boards, school curriculum, and talking to co-workers about it (I work in an administrative position for the IRS).</p>

<p>Yeah he was talking about those types of internship. And no, my brother advised me to start internship early and especially if you get recruited for internship in the B4 or F500, the chances of you getting a full-time later on will be higher. I guess I'll stay in Baruch for accounting major. I just hate the fact that I have to travel at least an hour to school, really not my thing. </p>

<p>Accounting is a pretty good major in terms of job security and salary. But, I'm having second thoughts about it now because I don't know if accounting is the one that will make me not complain about waking up everyday and go to work.</p>

<p>Best of luck for sticking it out there then. Wake up everyday for work? If you become a CPA, you could start your own small-business and set your own schedule.</p>