Rowan Electrical/Computer Engineering w/ Computer Science Minor

My son plans to attend Rowan University and major in Electrical/Computer Engineering. He is also hoping to minor in Computer Science. He spoke with someone in Admissions and they said it is possible. Does anyone have direct experience with this? How challenging is this major/minor combination, and are there things he should know going in to make sure all his ducks are in a row? Thanks!

Congrats! Son has made a fine choice.

My son graduated Rowan civil engineering in 2013. Several EE/CE friends, a couple I’ve known since they were grade schoolers. I’ve also met many from my business. So, I’m not “direct” - call me pretty strong indirect.

My advice is to wait and see. To me, the most important thing financially is to graduate on time, in four years. Rowan engineering curricula and schedules are pretty much set, especially at the start. The ducks are already lined up for him, and it’ll be challenging enough. There are the classes, plus clinics and projects (where he’ll work and cross-train with other engineering students). I’ve been to the engineering building several times on weekends, and it’s buzzing with groups of passionate young people working on projects. It was invigorating for this old coot.

So, if I were him, I’d concentrate on the engineering stuff and add/fill-in with the CS stuff as he goes. Plus, he’ll meet other students and find mentoring professors to walk him through it. It’s doable, and he’ll develop his own feel - not just with the coursework and teams, but also with the instructors.

My other advice is to spend as little time in the dorm as possible. After all, “dormitory” literally means “a place to sleep”. There’s a lot to do, clubs to join (my son was big in intramural and club sports), field trips. Engineers/CS grads are professional (natural?) duck-liner-uppers and process workers. Sometimes it’s just great to anticipate and enjoy the ride.

Good luck!

Great advice. Thank you!!