Rowan University Engineering Program

My son is finishing his junior year. He wants to study engineering and is interested in Rowan and their engineering program. He has a 4.0 GPA (unweighted), a bit higher weighted. HIs SAT score is 1440. (He hasn’t taken the ACT). I’ve heard the Rowan engineering program is very hard to get into to. Where would I look to find out if these grades/scores would get him in? What other stuff do they look at?

I don’t know exact scores to get in as a freshman but my nephew was admitted to Computer Science at Rowan and was told that he’d need a 3.5 GPA overall plus 3.5 in all engineering related courses (Calc, Physics, etc.) in order to transfer to the Engineering school.

Which engineering department will he be applying to?

He always thought mechanical but he’s recently shown interest in chemical engineering. How can he really decide that till he starts studying it? He currently has a 90 in his pre-calf but he thinks he can get it up to an A by end of semester. The lowest gpa he’d have is a 3.9 I think but weighted it’d be over 4.0 definitely and I think they look at weighted.

According to the Rowan Engineering website . . .

Average GPA = 3.5
Average SAT = 1270

This is not what’s required for admission because half of the accepted students scored below these numbers, but it does say that your son would be a very strong candidate for admission.

One thing is that Rowan makes you decide on the specific field of engineering when you are applying. There are major-specific classes right from the get-go. At some other universities, you are just ‘engineering’ until the beginning of sophomore year, when you ‘declare’ your specific major. At those types of universities, there are opportunities to take "Intro to Engineering’ classes that help you decide on which major you might be interested in. Rowan doesn’t have that. It’s much better if you already know what you want to specialize in because you don’t have to wait to start taking those classes, but if you don’t know what you want to do, it might be a bit tougher. I’m sure you can switch departments, though, but it would be nice to have those intro classes.

Definitely something to keep in mind as you look at schools.