Rowan vs Monmouth University

@LBad96 in computer science it is, or in general? What is the graduation rate for computer science at Rowan?

@mathprof63 do you know what the graduation rate in CS is for Rowan?

@cstilwell You can look up graduation rates for any university and all sorts of other data on

If you want retention / graduation rates for a specific department, you have to ask the department chair directly. It may be on their department website too.

One more thing - graduation rates are dependent on context . Many students who are unprepared in math or have zero coding skills are going to have a much steeper climb in CS than someone who is more prepared. Thus, there is a larger dropout rate from the major. Graduation rates do not necessarily predict your probability of graduating. You need to look within yourself- what are your strengths and do they align with a major in CS? If you need more support, would one or the other institutions be able to provide that?

@mathprof63 it says for 2015 CS : degrees conferred - 57
Total enrolled (per semester) - 479
For total enrollment is that including all grades or just seniors: if it is all that means is is about a 50% graduation. As for classes I know Calc one and basic cS

So 479 is most likely total CS majors. Possibly more freshmen and sophomores, and then many start dropping out of the major…
They may change to another major or transfer to another school- who knows? The Rowan curriculum is rigorous, and we don’t know how many of the students starting out had the chops to begin with. These are really questions you should ask the Rowan CS department , at their open house or whatever.

Back to you - look at your grades in math, cs , science and English, and your SAT or ACT scores. These factors, taken together, are better predictors of success than trying to parse general data about majors etc.

Rowan. It’s much cheaper & better academically.
It’s ranked higher also.

Monmouth has a much better area & campus, but it’s not worth the pricetag. Plus you can take a bus/train ride to Philly from Rowan.

It depends on financial aid though, although Rowan will most likely still be cheaper.

Interships are good at Rowan, the ambassador was talking about her’s during the campus visit.

Rowan I think is better than Monmouth. More cheaper and better education there.

Rowan is ABET accredited for engineering so there will be more STEM-y students there.

Another vote for Rowan, very strong for STEM (lots of invesment going into it) but it offers other majors so there’s some diversity on campus.

Have you applied anywhere else?

@LBad96 According to the Princeton Review, Monmouth has a higher graduation rate than Rowan.

Monmouth: 51% in four years, 66% in five years.

Rowan: 43% in four years, 64% in five years.

@ExpertOnMistakes Rowan has a higher 6-year graduation rate, which is the one most people focus on anyways.

@LBad96 While StartClass says Rowan has a higher 6-year graduation rate (72% vs. 64%), About Education says have the same 6-year graduation rate of 67%. The Institute of Education Sciences also says Monmouth and Rowan both have a 6-year graduation rate of 67%. Furthermore, the IES’ data states that StartClass’ 64% and 72% statistics are from 2012 and their statistics are from 2014. So according to this data, Monmouth’s 6-year graduation rate increased in two years, while Rowan’s decreased.

Now according to CollegeData, yes, Rowan has a higher 6-year graduation rate of 70% to Monmouth’s 67%. However, Rowan’s 4-year and 5-year graduation rates of 45.8% and 65.6% are also lower than Monmouth’s respective rates of 49.2% and 66.2%. My math could be completely wrong, but this appears to give Monmouth an average 4-6 graduation rate of 60.8% and Rowan an average 4-6 graduation rate of 60.5%.

For reasons I do not know, the Princeton Review does not provide Rowan’s 6-year graduation rate, so I can’t make an accurate comparison. Nevertheless, the Princeton Review data indicates that Rowan’s 4-year and 5-year graduation rates went down to 43% and 64%. Monmouth’s 4-year graduation rate went up to 51% and the 5-year and 6-year graduation rates remained the same. Theoretically speaking, let’s say Rowan’s 6-year graduation rate went up another 3% to 73%. That would still put its average 4-6 graduation rate under Monmouth’s (60% vs. 61.3%).

Lastly, College Factual gives Monmouth a higher overall graduation rate of 67.2% to Rowan’s 66.7%.

Overall, even if Rowan does currently have a higher 6-year graduation rate, Monmouth has the higher average graduation rate, as well as the higher 4-year and 5-year graduation rates. And people generally want to graduate from college as quickly as possible.

The “normal” comparison is 4-year at privates vs. 5-year at publics, due to the fact publics have many more part timers, and because they accept students as part of their public service mission, which privates don’t have.
All in all, private colleges offer better advising, smaller classes, less probability to fall through the cracks. Hence, better graduation rates.
However costs need to be taken into account, too.

We can argue technicalities all day; I’m only responding to the allegation that Rowan has a higher graduation rate than Monmouth by pointing out that the data says otherwise.

I went to Monmouth University in the fall and I absolutely hated it! do not go there unless you want to pay high tuition. There is nothing to do on campus either. do NOT go there.

The main reasons people would attend Monmouth is because it’s nearby and they don’t want to go away for college and / or they were given a free ride.

But given that this thread is over a year old, the OP has probably made his or her decision.