Rowan vs Monmouth University

I have been accepted to Monmouth and Rowan for Computer Science and I am trying to decide which school is better for my education. What school is better known, more respected, has better internships, etc. Monmouth is going to be about 10k more, is it worth it. I hope you guys can help shed light for me

To be honest, as a person who grew up on the West Coast I have literally never heard of either of these schools. I think, when comparing these schools, or comparing schools in general, it might be a good idea to not take that factor into account so much as school fit and cost.

Rowan (3.5 stars) is most certainly better than Monmouth (2.5 stars). Rowan is a pretty good school overall; one of my best friends from high school currently goes there and loves it. Rowan is also a good school for CS. Monmouth is certainly not worth even $1k more than Rowan, thoughtless of $10k.

Do you have any other choices? Any out-of-state?

I think that Rowan is a decent university. They are respected for their engineering program, and I would say that they are “better known” in general; I am not sure about the details of their CS major.

Also, Rowan offers nice merit scholarships. I applied there as a Biophysics major and they offered me a generous merit package ($15,000).

I’ve never heard of Monmouth, but don’t be encouraged/deterred too much by reputation. Although I would certainly be influenced by the cost difference…:slight_smile:

Rowan without a doubt. Is it perfect, no, but it is very STEMMY and has received enormous investment in the past few years.

The engineering program is ranked about 15th nationally for schools not granting PHDs.

The Rowan Boulevard project is extremely nice.

Monmouth is better if you like horse racing.

For reference, I was considering applying to Monmouth myself, but was deterred by its lack of academic prowess.

@LBad96 I have got into both, you said your friend went there, how is the internship process and help she has got if she has experienced it. I have heard both good and bad

@ScaredNJDad1 your Monmouth comment made me laugh haha, thanks for that fact to, very interesting that they are ranked that high! Do you have any information about their internships

@danceologist do you go there? and did you get your merit package with your letter

I live about 10 miles from Monmouth University. Don’t waste your money on it, seriously, especially for a STEM major. Long Branch is a little rough as well.

I would say the nightlife is better at Monmouth because of the shore but that’s it.

Rowan is a legit STEM school, go there if you had to pick.

@ScaredNJDad1 I know about the engineering program and how great it is but CS i cant find anything. Being a legit STEM school like you say is that program also great or do they focus all of their time on Engineering

I think Rowan is a better choice. I visited Monmouth, and besides the beautiful library, I don’t think it’s worth the high tuition.

@Cstilwell I do not go there. I applied in January and got my merit package with my letter a couple weeks ago. While it is one of my more generous offers, it is not my top choice right now. It is a legit STEM school. Like all colleges, it is what you make of it. If you are seriously interested, you should go visit and then tell me what it is like :slight_smile:

OP, my friend is a male. We’re both only freshmen at our respective schools, so I’m not sure he’d be able to comment on internships. But you’re far better served at Rowan, as Monmouth isn’t even worth half the tuition it charges.

I would opt for Rowan, especially given the price differential!

Rowan is a better bet. Monmouth’s CS dept. is more limited in its offerings. And it costs more. The campus is lovely, but you are not buying real estate.

Not sure regarding internships at Rowan. I think at either university, you may have to dig around. Check out the career office when you visit Rowan. There are usually more recruiters who come to universities like Rutgers or NJIT.

@Cstilwell Congratulations on your acceptance to Monmouth and Rowan. I work in the admission off for Monmouth University and I also graduated from Rowan University. I have a long history at both schools and I think that each school has its positives with Comp Sci. I think the best thing for you to do is visit both schools and set up a time to meet with both departments. Our computer science department at Monmouth will sit with you and go over the major, and I am sure that Rowan’s will do the same. Take a look at our Software Engineering program as well. Both programs offer a 5 year Masters Degree if you qualify. Let me know if you have any questions or would like to set up a visit.

@MUKamalK the only negative i see from Rowan is that the program seems extremely hard and has a low graduation rate. Monmouth seems to be slightly more relaxed when it comes to required grades to pass classes and the general required classes.

Rowan’s graduation rate is higher than that of Monmouth.

@cstilwell I don’t see where you’re getting this data about Rowan and grad rate. Minimum grade to go into next class is C minus, in Rowan’a guidesheet. That’s pretty standard in most colleges. Anyway, you should check out Rowan and Monmouth in greater detail, as suggested above. And sit down and compare for yourself and with your parents.