Rowan Vs West Chester

Hi, I’m currently choosing between two schools for a B.S. in computer science: Rowan University and West Chester University.
Cost-wise Rowan is much better, but I like the fact that West Chester is a little more far away from home. I am trying to figure out which one has the better program so I can make a final choice as soon as possible.
Rowan is giving me more money as well, and while the cost is the factor my family will look at the most, I can’t live at home for another four years. I am both the honors colleges and I think I like West Chester slightly more. Thanks!

I would pick Rowan over West Chester even if costs were equal. Is Rowan cheaper because you’d be commuting? If you live on campus at Rowan, it doesn’t really matter being further from home, IMO. My son is at Rowan; his roommate lives 10 minutes from campus but has lived on/off campus the last 3 years. He doesn’t go home any more than my son does.
I’m hoping to visit West Chester with D21, but for a lower cost and computer science, I think Rowan is the better pick.

Not sure about Computer Science, but for “overall” decision for my son, a music major, West Chester won hands down. This is taking EVERYTHING into consideration so not just the program, which IS better at WCU for him.

Same books each place. Assuming same curriculum. Similar level of student each place, but Rowan students primarily from NJ, which have higher-rated schools. There aren’t any companies that I know of that would accept a West Chester grad over a Rowan grad. Once you’re done, the starting salaries would be the same. Starting salaries vary not by college, but the cost of housing in that region. Heck, my daughter’s Rowan roommate got a CS internship at QVC…in West Chester.

What is the cost difference per year? Extrapolate over 4 years. Add interest, compounded. Then add grad school. Add more interest, compounded. Factor in that you might change majors or need an extra semester or two to complete your undergrad degree. You have 10 years to pay off that fleet of luxury cars you’re buying each year for the next few years.

Is West Chester that much better? I think not.

You have the rest of your life for wanderlust. Better not to have unnecessary debt limiting your options, which will snowball for the next 40 years.

You didn’t ask, but I’ll tell you anyway: Son, who was at the top of his HS class with great SATs, chose Rowan over Cornell and other top schools for civil engineering. He was at the top of the grid for merit aid. Graduated in four years. Took a job in North Jersey, learned a lot, was developed well. Got his Professional Engineering degree. Paid the little college debt he accrued. Got recruited. Got married. He and his wife bought a $500,000 house in one of the nicest communities in the USA (Howard County, MD). 2nd grandchild on the way. He’s 28.

Daughter also chose Rowan, but she had fewer options. Psych major. Played soccer and LAX. Dropped LAX because it got in the way of her studies. Graduated in 4 years. Went to grad school for Clinical Mental Health. In between, she worked part-time and paid debt down before it was due. Joined Americorps. One of her summer tours took her to Burlington, Vermont. Fell in love with the place and made some connections. Got a job in her field there upon graduation. Has the debt under control. Conferences have taken her to Madrid and Geneva. She went to Costa Rica on a tour with the soccer team. She’s 25.

The beauty is both have marketable majors, love their jobs, and have built resumes and made connections that get them recruited. They had choices because debt wasn’t an albatross. And Dad preached a rule since their childhood - don’t expect Dad to pay for college, weddings, or bail bonds. Because he has seen the results of those whose parents did. (The other rule is Dad changed their diapers so they could someday change his).

We’re not rich by any means, but their choices have made me wealthy. So far.

The irony is, if you make the wrong choice as many others do, guess where your teenage wanderlust will lead you? Dreams often become nightmares.

Good luck!

Rowan is stronger for CS.
If you’re in the Honors College, you should have housing at Rowan, right?
Living on campus will make life very different and very distant from home.