Rowan's Honors College vs their previous Honors Program?

My DS was very close to choosing Rowan in Fall 2018 but went with Rutgers SAS due to their BioMath program. During our review of his 12 Colleges, Rowan’s Honors Program was one of the best.
Spent a lot of time speaking with members (‘NJRoadie’ was a GREAT help and very knowledgeable about Rowan) and got many views.
Now have a Sophomore that is looking at Rowan (actually going to Open House tomorrow) and was wondering if anyone out there is familiar with … WHAT CHANGED BY ROWAN GOING FROM AN HONORS PROGRAM TO AN HONORS COLLEGE? Any info would be helpful… THANKS!

I don’t know what changed because my D just started his September. But that question came up during the honors admitted student day we attended. To be honest, I don’t remember that much about the answer, only that the difference would help them in recruiting the best faculty but not be much of a change for the students. There will probably be more information to be discussed now that the change is further along.

Thanks for the kind words @ParentSpeaking - my two are graduating in May, both summa cum laude! One is going on to a PhD program and the other is job hunting :slight_smile: I’m very proud and pleased with the education they received at Rowan.

From what I can tell, the Honors College change is a positive one - they will be able to recruit for participants and offer a greater variety of class types that are designated Honors. (My daughter dropped from the honors program because they didn’t have enough business type classes.) The previous benefits offered to Honors students remain the same - early registration, great housing arrangements, a top-notch group of fellow kids. Good stuff!

Best of luck to your sophomore!

A Late thanks to NJRoadie. Have you heard anything about Stockton?

@College2018Hopeful -

Stockton University - COA about $30,000 a year

  • Guaranteed housing for all 4 years
  • Free parking for all 4 years (freshmen allowed cars)
  • 1600 acre campus, 2 lakes
  • one campus is on the boardwalk in Atlantic City (beach / ocean view dorm room!)

Freshman scholarships
Dean’s $7,000 a year, scores of 1250+ SAT or 25+ ACT composite, Top 15% class
Provost $11,000 a year, scores of 1310+ SAT or 28+ ACT composite, Top 10% class
Presidential $18,000 a year, score of 1450+SAT or 32+ ACT composite, Top 5% class
Stockton $2,000 a year, varied test scores/class rank - given for leadership etc.
Urban scholar leadership $2,000 a year, Top 5%, Stockton GPA 3.3, A/B district

Freshman or Transfer: Out of state: $7,128 SAT 1060/ACT 21+ - GPA 2.75/4.0

Transfer: 1,000-2,000 - varied qualifications, 3.6+ GPA

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thks…the info is helpful!

My son is in the Rowan honors college. He loves it. My son got the over $10,000 a year scholarship from Rowan. The best scholarship my son got was at Ramapo College offered a scholarship of $18000 a year. My son choose Rowan because he thought Rowan offered more. My son looked at Stockton but never applied. The Rowans honors college gets to pick his classes before anyone else because of honors. He gets the best housing and free printing. You have to take at least one honors class per semester and do community service hours every semester. All honors students are housed together in their own wing. We did go to admitted students day which was impressive for honors. The second visit to Rowan was the day my son decided Rowan was for him.