RPI/AMC interview question

<p>My email was a bit vague with information. They said my interview was confirmed and they gave me a date and time with no other details.</p>

<p>For those who have had interviews already, is it just with AMC or two interviews, one with RPI and one with AMC?</p>

<p>both are amc reps, faculty or admissions</p>

<p>wait, so there are two interviews?</p>

<p>yeah ull have two interviews at AMC...i had one with a professor of microbiology and another with an elderly doctor (forgot his name :) )</p>

<p>icic, thanks</p>

<p>are they both around 45 mins long. Anything diff with each interview?</p>

<p>well, my first was like 45 mins, the second was more like 20 lol...they both have general questions (why medicine, why Union (or RPI in your case), etc.) and the bioethics questions...mine were, "would you provide a physcian assisted suicide for a family member..." and "whats your view on abortion"...it wasn't really bad, don't stress...goodluck!</p>

<p>Its going to be a lot about your research experiences (probably). Try to emphasize those, as that is the focus of this program. Everything everyone said is right-2 interviews, mine were about 50 min each. they mostly ask you about your profile(essays, activities etc..)</p>

<p>I had my rpi interview yesterday. i think my first interview went really well (about 45 mins). In fact, after my second interview, my first interviewer left a gift for me ( a book about some research topic we talked about) which was pretty cool. My second interviewer mainly focused on my application, EC, essays, but it was a lot shorter although it seemed like it went smooth. </p>

<p>I'm just wondering if since my second interview was pretty short (about 20 mins) is that a bad thing or does that not really matter.</p>


<p>dont worry about the length of the interview. my 2nd interviewer was late because he was also interviewing another guy for a teaching spot. in addition to that, he also had to cut our interview to 25 mins for a meeting with other people. we still had a great interview. (i got into rpi/amc)</p>

<p>good luck!</p>