RPI Architecure Chances?

Hi I’m and junior in high school and I’m starting to look at places I might want to attend. I’ve been really interested in RPI’s Architecture program and I was wondering if I could get some input on my chances of getting accepted.

GPA: 4.0
PSAT: 1150(I haven’t taken my actually SAT yet)
I play varsity volleyball and am in AP Ambassadors

I am in all honors, AP, and DC courses. I’m currently taking AP Chem and AP Physics. I know that RPI requires an portfolio for admissions, but I’m not an incredible artist. Thanks for any info given.

@llandiss I don’t have any insider information on RPI architecture admissions, but since they require a portfolio, you’ll have to figure out a way to produce enough artwork to assemble a representation of your work.

Architecture schools don’t expect high school students to be “incredible artists.” They expect the portfolio to reflect an elevated design sense, good presentation skills and familiarity with several media, most importantly drawing. If you’re unable to take art courses as part of your high school curriculum, you might consider a summer art program or an architecture career exploration program as a way to build your portfolio.

There are several Bachelor OF Architecture (BArch) programs that don’t require portfolios, including many top rated programs. You should also be aware that many, many future architects choose to get an undergraduate Bachelor of art or science IN architecture (or any other major) then go on to get a Master of Architecture (MArch). Most BA/BS programs do not require portfolios.

When considering what’s best for you, be sure to look at the financial aspects of the different degrees. The BA/BS+MArch route will take longer than the BArch and may cost more.