RPI engineering acceptance rate.

Is the acceptance rate for RPI engineering and CS any different/more competitive? If yes, what are the average scores and acceptance rates for these majors at RPI.

50% admit rate, 20% yield

1420 SAT


Thank you, this totally answers my question!

RPI Chemical Engineering $20K scholarship
This is not a choice per se as my son clearly prefers not to go to RPI. Not sure why the “imbalance” perception is so strong. My impression (20+ years ago) of RPI was hard core, competitive, a tough institution but highly respected. I am sure it is still the case. The acceptance rate now days shocked me. According to him “they admit everyone”. 1550 SAT and 800 on subject tests. GPA was adversely impacted by low Spanish/English grades. Has the school gone a bit downhill in the past decade? It just feel many schools in NY state are “dated” and much less competitive than the UC’s.

@Zanskar To say that “they admit everyone” is a little bit of hyperbole on your son’s part. I think what he is trying to say is that a 40% acceptance rate for the school’s requirements is higher than most at that SAT and grade range. RPI is still a top institution and tech school; however, I don’t know how competitive the school is now compared to 20 years ago.

Interesting posts. Keep in mind a big difference for all schools is the effect of the common app. 20 years ago people would apply to … 5 schools ? , one safe, 3 targets, one reach. Now, not uncommon to see HS students apply to 12-20. It is crazy, so the colleges have to game it. ps the RPI remains hard core especially in engineering and CS.

My son graduated from RPI in 2017. Information Technology and Web Science degree. Never worked so hard in his life. The RPI name landed him multiple job interviews even though his GPA wasn’t stellar. Had a job before graduating. I have another son currently at an LAC majoring in computer science. He’s had neither the depth nor rigor that my RPI son had. Yes, RPI is still hard core and you’ll have to work for your grades. And yes, the RPI name still holds its value. My humble opinion, of course.

Thank you for the insight and I am with you. Through the journey of raising two kids and living both coasts, I feel closer to American reality, or perhaps bubble. Older daughter was into visual art and was admitted to every elite school she applied. Grew up in Bay Area and now in NY, my son, though in STEM school, doesn’t want to major in CS and has no interest in business/finance. It was interesting to watch the shift of interest at the beginning of senior year that chemical/biomedical engineering becomes a solid choice of major. It is also astonishing to watch how difficult it is to be admitted to some schools where years ago I would not even consider.
The society does not seem to award engineers as much compared to 40-50 years ago. We seem to award speculators much more, like wall street.