Hello, just ran the Net Price Calculator and it gives the same EFC whether you check a sibling in college or not. Is there an error in the calculator, or does it really not make a difference? I know it makes a big difference on FAFSA. DD will be a college senior next year when DS will hopefully be a Freshman at RPI.

I can answer that question from experience.
Our EFC came out the same for both my kids as it did for yours.
The actual cost on the other hand, was very different than the EFC.
The actual cost came out about $20k less than the EFC predicted.
There was a slight price difference between the two kids 2 years apart.
My first kid is about $5k more expensive than my second kid.
I owe a huge debt of gratitude to RPI for the great education they’re giving my kid.
His fourth round of interviewing at one of the faanG (hint) companies is this Monday.
He has 3 other offers on hold and is graduating early.
They really prepare the kids at RPI with high level rigor as a clearly proven by his offers.

Thanks for the reply and congratulation to you child. DS hasn’t pulled the trigger on RPI after all the concern about the summer program. DS is AFROTC and it seems it would be difficult to get required classes during fall semester of Junior year if majority of class is taking required classes during the summer. Apparently, ROTC is not required to participate in the summer program, but it seems that would potentially miss out on some courses that may not be offered due to very small enrollment. Options is still open for now.

@Nanosour where did you hear that courses offered in the summer would not be offered in the Fall in particular for required classes? Can you give me an example of those classes? As much as I do not like ARCH, I think people should make the informed decision. I have not heard about not getting the courses during the reqular semesters.