RPI or Northeastern

<p>Hello I am an international applicant who applied to both RPI and Northeastern and got admitted.
I've heard that both schools are prestigious, but I cannot choose between these two schools.
I am planning to study chemical engineering. Any advice?</p>

<p>Boston is more interesting than Rochester and one of the finest college towns in the U.S. There might be some advantage to Northeastern if your interests should stray from engineering or STEM because NU is not quite the tech school that RPI is. RPI is however a very fine school, just as Northeastern is. You cannot really go wrong here. Me, I’d want to be in Boston and in a place where there is gender balance. I have no horse in this race.</p>

<p>RPI is not in Rochester! It is nowhere near there. </p>

<p>I think rpi would give you a superior experience in your intended major </p>

<p>hah, that’s funny! my bad! I meant to write Troy but D just got merit offer from URochester today and had it on my mind. In that case, Boston is an even nicer city than Troy. When we visited Rensselaer several years ago, I was impressed with what they had going on there but the gender imbalance was death for my boy.</p>