RPI v Syracuse Arch

<p>I'm considering Syracuse and RPI arch schools. Does anyone have any info on these schools, or could share some experience? how competitive are they?</p>


<p>wow i feel like a lot of us have this decision to make.</p>

<p>i know syracuse is number 3 for undergrad accredited arch programs.
syracuse university is ranked 50 on the us news & world report. and i think their incoming class is ~100 out of ~800 applicants.</p>

<p>rpi is ranked 44 on the us news & world report; as a college is it harder to get into than syracuse university. and i don't know what their arch program is ranked or if it is more selective than syracuse arch. rpi is much smaller than syracuse. and i think syracuse is more well-known among architects..but i don't really know. both have semesters abroad, so that's a plus.</p>