RSI 2020

Hey, the RSI 2020 application is opening soon and I still didn’t see a thread for the 2020 applicant group yet. So here it is! Chance me’s, general comments, and helpful advice are all appreciated.
May the odds be ever in your favor!

I’m an Indian who lives in the United Arab Emirates and UAE isn’t one of the representing countries. Any idea on how to move forward?

I see we’ve started this post again. Best of luck to all of you! I really hope you guys can become rickoids.

It seems like you are precious Rickoid. Any advice on the essays? My biggest question is that how do I write an essay for the questions presented. Should the answers be in multiple paragraph formats or be conveyed like a story. Thank you!

@GoBears2023 I meant previous.

Unfortunately, I am not a previous Rickoid. I was selected as an alternate but did not make the cut in the end. I guess my biggest piece of advice would be to write genuinely about cool things that you’ve done. Don’t try to kiss up to anyone.

How do they determine your state? If I go to school in New York but was born in Texas, how would they categorize me?

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Hey, so I am applying to RSI this year. I know it’s a bit early but how does the RSI application look like. On the website it does say that teacher recs, SAT score, and essay are taken into account. However, is there a place for you to input activities/extracurricular as well? What else is taken into consideration?

Is there a page with previous accepted students and their stats?

I’m not quite sure, I’m new to CC as well

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Can someone please chance me?

I am an Asian male in California, pretty good socioeconomic status.

Stats: 1580 SAT, 800 on Math II and Physics SATs, 4.4 GPA weighted, 3 AP exams through sophomore year (WHAP: 4, AB: 5, Physics 1: 5), planning to get through at least 17 by the end of senior year (all 5s, maybe 3-4 4s)

ECs: 3 college classes (Java programming, data structures, Physics E/M), club officer for school clubs (Programming/SNHS), contributed to open-source research project for Stanford, software team member for local college computer club (robotics)

Thank you!

Your achievements are amazing! It seems like you are making the best of your opportunities!

Hey guys! I’m wondering if someone can chance me, I’m really hoping to do more research and this would be the perfect gateway to better programs. This is a lot but I d

I am a caucasian female in Missouri.

Stats: 33 ACT (trying to get that higher). I attend a college preparatory laboratory school, maintaining a 3.98 UW GPA.

Leadership Experience:

  • student council representative (9th grade, 11th grade)
  • Instructor/creator of the Cooking classes “beyond s’mores” and “woof’ems” for Wonders of Wildlife National Outdoor recreation and Conservation school
  • Beehive president In the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints
  • Mia maid 1st counselor in the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints
  • Youth counselor leader for the church of jesus christ of latter day saints’ young women’s camp 2019 & 2020
  • President of the Non-profit holidays in hospitals
  • Facilitator in student led high school mental health support group
  • Youth Interfaith project of the Ozark’s youth council leader
  • Springfield Leadership Academy
  • Rotary Youth Leadership Award Program
  • Youth Empowerment Program Recipient
  • President of Sustainable Solutions

Community Experience:

  • Volunteering 1,000 hours at Wonders of Wildlife National Museum & Aquarium (Volunteer of the Year 2018, Volunteer of the Month Sept. 2018)
  • Holidays in Hospitals: A non-profit I founded, with the goal of bringing cheer to hospital patients during holidays.
  • Convoy of Hope Volunteer
  • Youth Interfaith Project of the Ozark’s
  • Various Service Society Projects

Research Experience:

  • Three projects, no publications
  • Currently working with Dr. Barnhart, a distinguished professor at MSU and specialist on bivalves, on the polyethylene affects on freshwater bivalves’s DNA, chemical changes, and physical affects.

National Honor Society
Student Council
International Cultural Club
Sustainable Solutions
Scholar Bowl
Science Fair
Science Olympiad
Service Society
Debate (Informative Speaking, Domestic Exempt Speaking, and Policy Debate)


  • Cox Health partners spirit winner (2018)
  • The church of Jesus christ of latter day saints: Young womanhood recognition for completing the personal progress program (2017)
  • The Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints: Honor bee Completion (2019)
  • Wonders of wildlife national museum & Aquarium tomorrow’s naturalists today
    volunteer of the year. (2018)
  • Wonders of wildlife national museum & Aquarium volunteer of the month (Sept. 2018)
  • Greenwood laboratory school recognition for excellence in REPRESENTATION as “student led mental health support group leader” (2018)
  • The president’s volunteer service award (2015, 2016, 2017)
  • Cross Trail Outfitters Youth Camp Future Leader Award (2017)
  • RYLARIAN of Missouri of the year (2019)
  • Various Science Fair Awards
  • Various Speech & Debate Awards
  • Various Science Olympiad Awards in building events

Thank you so much! Any advice would be great, and don’t worry about being brutally honest- please be. Thanks again!

Your credentials look great. I do not really see the point in retaking the ACT because it says that it is high enough for RSI consideration. I would just recommend you to continue what you are doing. Do not stress over getting a lot of research experience, because it is neither required or satisfactory by itself (many people who have never done research in their lives get accepted into RSI). You seem like a strong app.

Thank you! Okay thank you for the tips. I really want to make a difference in environmental and heredity studies. Biology is my passion, the environment is my haven. Is there anything else I should do or concern myself with?

Not really. Especially because your state does not get a lot of applicants and you seem strong.

What I heard is that RSI only accepts students with achievements of two categories.

  1. Research competition winners such as ISEF finalist level or published authors in a peer reviewed journal
  2. Major Olympiad campers such as MOP
    How true is this?

Not true at all! A lot of people who have never done research or participated in a major olympiad who have gotten in. It is just about showing that you are passionate about something.