RSI 2021 - Applicants Thread

Hey, I just applied to RSI! I didn’t see a thread for RSI 2021 applicants, so I thought I’d start one myself. I would love it if any applicants wanted to share stats, thoughts or advice!

Good luck in your applications!


Hi Hubbub! I just applied to RSI too. I’ve read there’s usually 1600 applications and they will only accept 80. Wondering if anyone knows if RSI will be virtual or not.

I’m from CA. Couldn’t take the PSATs, SATs, and Subject SATs b/c of COVID19. My only hope is that I am doing research already at Caltech and UC Irvine in artificial intelligence.

Good to know that there are other applicants on this website!

Yeah, I also wasn’t able to take the Subject Tests because of COVID. Do you think they’ll have a harder time differentiating between applicants this year because of the lack of awards/hard stats this year?

Just submitted mine tonight! Good luck to all of you :)) the only test score I could submit was a low PSAT score from 10th grade. yikes probably recked my chances, oh well

good luck everyone! i applied from CA - essentially no chance of getting in :slight_smile:
it was good college app practice tho. i did have a high SAT score to my name but i doubt they care all that much about academics - it’s prolly more of a threshold. no groundbreaking ECs at all

also just submitted the application yesterday! i couldn’t submit test scores because of covid and i’m worried that will lower my chances… oh welll

hey guys!!! good luck to all of u!! im so nervous lolol

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hey! did you guys send in your junior year grades? my school hasn’t released them yet soo i’m not sure what to do.

It was under references–I added my school counselor and she emailed them my grades. I would advise you to ask your counselor to email them directly. Good luck!

I couldn’t take any tests either, so you’re not alone. Where are you from?

Did your transcripts have your junior year grades on them? Mine still aren’t released and they only had up to my sophomore year grades.

Mine didn’t have my junior year grades either

Would they still be willing to accept your grades? I thought once you submit it, that’s all you can do

i thought they require junior year grades? I told my counsellor about the requirement and she submitted them…

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Mine were junior grades too. I would email RSI to make sure.

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mine did not have junior year grades either



Hello Hubbub! For anyone reading my response, are any of you from Georgia?

Hey there!

No, I’m not from Georgia. Good luck!

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