RSI 2021 (chance me and discussions?)

Hi! I’m an international high school junior in Hong Kong applying to RSI this year. Applications are open and I saw that no one opened a thread for RSI 2021 yet, so I opened one. If you’d like to, could you chance me on my info below? Idk what RSI is really looking for. I’m also confused as to whether there’s an interview process for RSI, because it doesn’t say so on their website but some alumni on the internet talked about the interview…

Applying for primary field CS (machine learning) and secondary field bio (microbio)

SAT 1540
IB MYP predicted 42/42


  • founded local nonprofit to support women in CS
  • some individual research experience, not published, no awards
  • founder of school CS club where I teach kids how to code
  • founder of tons of charity chapters in my school
  • some school award for good grades