RSI 2022 - Applicants Thread

for RSI 2022 applicants

any international applicants here? is anyone applying from india?

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could someone share the discord server?

DM / PM me.

Do any applicants want to share their stats? It could be interesting

I’ve got 4.0/4.21 and 1550, I’d imagine most of the applicant pool is around this range too though

hello fellow rsi applicants! which subfields/fields did yall apply to? I applied as cs/machine learning + cognitive science/psychology

Computer science - computational graph theory

Parent of applicant here. Mountainkid applied for EECS/AI + Behavioral Science/Sociology.

Yess here!

Ok cool! do you have prior research experience?

biology - computational biology
cs - computer vision

do all of you have research experience? I don’t have any research so i’m kinda worried… do you know if anyone has ever been accepted without research?

I’m sure olympiad winners do get accepted without research. I have about 3 months of research experience but I haven’t accomplished much or had publications so I’m a bit worried too.

There are some great posts on Quora from Rickoids that suggest that prior research experience, awards certainly help but are not necessary if the applicant is otherwise deemed as “high potential” via other parts of the application (LOR, essays). Not much helpful but it appears that, much like selective colleges, RSI looks to “round the class”.

My kid has three years of research experience, but I don’t think it is absolutely necessary for acceptance. It’s just another data point in holistic admissions. I agree with capecoder that the admissions committee is looking for indicators of high potential which can demonstrated in other parts of the application.